Advantages of Sankalp Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Why Sankalp -
Instead of comparing with other stabilizer we strongly suggest to use Sankalp Stabilizer for following advantages and fair dealing with customer.

Input Range -
Our standard input range is 345 Volts - 480 Volts base on our experience. Wide range is also available with input of 310 Volts-480 Volts. Unless it is specified by customer we provide our standard input range.

Optional Features -
Sankalp Stabilizers are always with all the features included i. e. Over voltate/under voltage protection, overload protection, single phasing prevention, surge suppressor, all inbuilt.
These are essential protection and only for cost reduction to make it optional is not correct. Whether customer ask or not ask or not ask for, all protection are included.

Ac Synchrinize Motor -
With our desi gn, Which is proved for years together, we use AC motor of 3.5 kg to 10 Kg torque are per KVA rating. The speed of correction achieved by this motor is35/70 Volts per second, which is sufficient for any CNC machine. The servicing of this motor, replacement of this motor in due course of time, if required is easy and economical compare to DC motor.

House Production -
Very few people use variac. Buck boost Transformer, PCB manufactured in house the quali ty aspect and rating is always questionable. We manufacture Buck boost Transformer. Form Design selection of raw material, Manufacturing of coils, Assembly and testing of Transformer is being done in house under proper quality control. Variac the most vital and important part in stabilizer being manufactured with our associate company in Mumbai with our quality norms and Procedure. PCB, off course is assembled and tested In House. Digital meter is also made in-house along with our micro production always have proper quality control at every stage.

Enclosure -
We use CRCA sheet for enclosure duly POWDER CO ATING. All the designe of enclosure is done by our qualified engineer & the assembly, space and wire routing is being done to make it easy for assembly and further servicing. Normally people use M.S. sheet with painting and very small box to reduce the cost. SW I TCHER GEAR ITEM MCB/ MCCB, CONTACTOR, ANALOG METER, All of standard reputed company with our quality checkup. All the testing procedure as per IS9815-1981